Hmm…no no, it has nothing to do with the upcoming new year. It’s just my personal reminder to upgrade my skills while I’m here and of course while I still can. To be honest, in spite of the numbers of broken systems in the US, there are things that I can benefit, and those are not available for free or even affordable in Indonesia… Hmm actually it’s more like a to-do list…

1. Learning Spanish. Oh hey this is CALIFORNIA, so why should I…not?
2. Getting a cold water Advance Open Water Diver certification, even though the thought of COLD water scares the creep out of me.
3. Becoming a first aid certified person. Somehow I think of this as one of the most essential skills in life. Plus, I am a mother. I should master this skill. I need to keep my child alive if something bad happen.
4. Succesfully launch my toddler on ice. Ice rink will do.

Actually I am also quite obsessed to get some certification on early childhood education, but after a quick look at the course schedule, I don’t think I’ll have the time… πŸ˜₯ Yeah, you know, taking care of a super busy toddler 24/7 is kind of something.

My husband also wants me to get a Cali driving license, but I am not really into it. It’s been wonderful just to watch hubby drives and knowing I wouldn’t need to drive, too. Lol.

So yeah those are my list. Kinda short, I know. But more will come along the way. I’m pretty sure of it πŸ˜‰



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