This shows how life should be...simple -_-


7 Responses to “T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.A.T.I.O.N”

  1. phy Says:

    you’ll be ok. as always!

  2. gee Says:

    Mdh2an ga akan sampe ke “when I was 28” ya.. 😀
    When I was 26 aja deh.. #nawar :p

  3. fitri Says:

    Transformasi dari “I want”, terus “I will”, dan akhirnya “I need”
    Makin memaksa ngga sih itu? :))
    Btw, gw highlight juga yg bagian ‘financially incredible’ :))
    Alhamdulillah,skrg hepi ending yah 😉

  4. software Says:

    never been married before?
    loool.. this is the last changed in 25 transformation..

  5. Eko Says:

    LMAO, it’s some kind of joke instead of hope. But no offense, peace …. :V OK ?
    Gue suka gaya loe 😀

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