Me and Danger

Heyya fellas. Lama juga ya gw hibernating hihihihiiii (ketawa kuntil***k)… Oh eh oh, lagi pengen iseng nyampah aja hari ini.  Tadi gw ikutan quiz di fesbuk, biasa lah, kebanyakan waktu luang hahahhahaha…. Nama quiznya “What type do you fall for” Nah, check this out, ini result quiznya…

You Fall for the Sexy Daredevil Type

You can’t help but be drawn to someone who’s likely to break your heart. You’re very attracted to danger.
You like a relationship with lots of passion, thrills, and even a few ups and downs. For you, physical attraction and chemistry go a long way. You need to feel a spark immediately in order to be interested in someone. Looks alone won’t cut it though… They’re just the starting point. You need intensity all the way down to the core!

Uwwowowooohooowww….see the bold words. Nah see?? See??? This ain’t the first time of me associated with danger. Few weeks ago, materi kuliah gw Risk Management. Dosennya seru, dia bahkan bikin personal assessment untuk masing2 dari kita. When it came to my result, the lecturer suddenly walk slowly, approaching me, and said: “Aryana, it seems that you are the most dangerous person in this class”  Dang it maaaaannnn!!! >_<** That answers a lot of things happened to me actually -a messed up life- hahahaaaa…. 😀

Ahhhh…no matter what, this is my life, and maybe yeah, I was born to get close to danger. Seems dat I should apologize to my parents, they thought danger always comes near me, but actually I am the one who always try to approach danger 😀

Okay enough from me, clap clap claaaaapppp….. (gak tau juga kenapa harus clap :D)



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