And thesis is coming blah blah blah…

Finally, here comes one thing I really try to avoid all these times. THESIS. God oh God. Yesterday, just yesterday, Mas Bangkit, si ketua kelas, announced dat we actually have less than 3 months to finish that sick piles of paper called thesis. Nanana…and I suddenly feel one familiar feeling called NERVES πŸ˜€ The thing is, I HAVEN’T THINK ANY TOPIC ABOUT ANYTHING FOR ANY THESIS YET. Well uhm…seems overrated but yeah it really freaks me out.

But here is the good news: I’m not the only one. Thanks God for this hahaha…

Actually I’m a bit interested on our ongoing modul about Security Sector Reform. Maybe I’ll try to elaborate it further into some serious cases that could bring me my M.Sc degree πŸ˜€ Ah hope so…

Wish me luck with my thesis writing then, pleeaaaseee (more prayer will increase the possibility of success, hahaha….) So let’s pray together that I’ll hold my master degree before my 24th birthdaee coming so then I could focus on doing things I really want to do, like becoming an advanced diver perhaps? Hahaha…what a dream. Anyway, AMIIIIIIINNNNN…. πŸ˜€

-With love, NaY-


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