Reasons why women go to work

1. The need of self-actualization.

2. Insufficient financial condition provided by THE MALE.

3. They need their social life. Raising child-taking care of the house-taking care of…everything…sometimes drive women crazy. They need a place where they can escape out of their daily-women-wise activities.

4. Women need to be respected. They get it from their positions in the office.

5. Well educated women need a place to spill out all their thoughts, what’s on their mind.

Kalo buat gw pribadi sih, bekerja merupakan pelarian yang sempurna dari semua masalah pribadi yang terkadang over limit. Seenggaknya dengan bekerja kan gw mikir tapi dibayar. Kalo mikirin masalah pribadi, nggak ada ujungnya, menghabiskan waktu dan tenaga, nggak dibayar pula. Hahahaha… Seringkali gw bingung dengan jalan pemikiran cowok yang pengen istrinya di rumah aja. Do they able to afford everything? Well kayak kata temen gw, “Kalo laki gw Michael Schumacher sih iya, gw bakal leyeh-leyeh aja di rumah.” Hehehe… Now it goes back to women’s insecurity.

Well well well…satu lagi, gw paling males mengandalkan orang lain untuk bertanggung jawab atas hidup gw. Males aja blehh… I always feel that my life is my responsibility, so I HAVE to do anything possible untuk ngisi otak gw, buat modal masa depan 🙂 I can’t count on other people, right? Siapa yang bisa menjamin kalau a woman gives her whole life to a man, si cowok akan bertanggung jawab atas si cewek seumur hidup? Love does exist, but so does goodbyes. Break ups. Divorces. Hiiiiyyy….ngeri gw kalo bayangin yang gitu-gitu 😀

So? The only one you can count on is YOURSELF. Learn, learn, and never stop learning to fill your brain with knowledge. It’s all you have, women 🙂  Anyway, discussion is always welcome 🙂



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