The Ugly Truth

Yeyeyeah it’s a movie πŸ˜€ A really nice movie actually. But no, I’m not talking about that Gerrard BUTTler’s movie here. But anyway I’m not feeling like writing too much tonight. 25 minutes to new year πŸ˜€ I’m supposed to be hangin’ out with my friends out there, enjoying life, all the things YOUTH should do at times like this. But hey then what the heck am I doing here typing words??? Okay let’s just pretend it’s bad luck. Ehm anyway I’m so daaaaamn sure people in my age are still considered as YOUTH πŸ˜€ We’re still young. 23 is not that old. Really. Hahaha.

I was thinking about what my lecturer said about truth and lies. He said, “Tell the truth. Truth is much more easier to remember than lies.”Β  Hmm…and then I started to think, is it like that? Always like that? Always say the truth? I really doubt it. Sometimes the truths are just ugly. Reaaaaallly ugly… Many people decide to hear only what they want to hear. They don’t care even they know that they’re listening to things that are not true. The lies satisfy them. Oww…nasty, isn’t it? πŸ˜€ I myself sometimes prefer notΒ  to hear, or not to have the knowledge that I know will hurt me. I’m a coward in some ways hahaha…

And suddenly I remember a song by Splender, I Think God Can Explain. Kenapa ya? Entahlah…

There’s a lot of things I understand
And there’s a lot of things that
I don’t want to know
But you’re the only face I recognize
It’s so damn sweet of you
to look me in the eyes
It’s alright, I’m O.K.
I think God can explain
I believe I’m the same
I get caried away
It’s alright, I’m O.K.

I think God can explain
I’m relieved I’m relaxed
I’ll get over it yet

The sent of vasoline
in the summertime
The feel of an icecube
Melting overtime
The world seems bigger
Than both of us
Yet it seems so small
when I begin to cry

I’m so much better than you guessed
I’m so much bigger than you guessed
I’m so much brighter than you guessed

I think God can explain
I think God can explain
I think God can explain

Ahh…just little craps on new year’s eve. Basa-basi-busuk πŸ˜€



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