Welcome home.

Welcome to my new home. I’m welcoming myself, my better half, my friends, my readers, everyone! Let’s celebrate! I will start writing here right away, I promise.  Wisemen said that sometimes we have to really close down our past to move on. That’s exactly what I’m doing now. I’m starting myself a new beginning of a new journey, new of everything. The path forward might be difficult, it might lead to treasure island or even a scary rain forest, but nothing is too hard to walk on as long as we have faith and keep our smile set on our face. One more thing to remember, difficult path is difficult because we couldn’t see it fun. I’ll enjoy my path. Holding hands with people I love. Smile.

Nice question come up. Kenapa harus wortel-pink-bernyanyi sihh?? Kayak nggak ada nama lain aja. And my simple answer would be, “Suka-suka gueeee…hahaha…” Mungkin waktu gw lagi mikirin nama, gw tiba-tiba…kesamber monyet! Eh, kesamber wortel! 😀

Smile, smile, smile 🙂

Again, welcome! And happy reading!

with love,



One Response to “NEW-BEGINNING”

  1. achii Says:

    selamat datang wortelpink bernyanyi di dunia blog! Keep inspiring 🙂

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